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Buick Business Concept

Unveiled at the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show, the Buick Business Concept is a MPV concept vehicle designed to showcase Buick’s future vision of “business class on the road” and targeted to the Chinese market.

The multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) was developed in China by the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC), a design and engineering joint venture between General Motors and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), with global design input.

"The Business Concept Vehicle captures the essence of the Buick form language, with its taut surfaces, double sweep spear belt line, strong front and rear identities and dynamic presence."
Buick Business Concept Design Sketch Buick Business Concept Rendering

“The Business Concept Vehicle has a grand presence and makes a strong statement when it pulls up to the front of any establishment,” said Ed Welburn, GM Vice President of Global Design.

Buick Business Concept“The Chinese market and business person have some unique requirements. Our team has responded with an elegant solution to their business and personal needs.”

According to Cao Min, PATAC Concept Car Chief Designer, the design team set out to create a modern global design for Buick, yet include a subtle Chinese essence and influence.

To achieve this balance, they sought to draw from their heritage outside the automotive industry – from classic shapes to arts and ancient relics.

The Business Concept Vehicle’s dynamic exterior surfaces and “yin and yang” interior tones are drawn from diverse inspirations including the 2008 Buick Riviera concept car, Chinese artifacts and modern electronic icons.
Buick Business Concept Interior Buick Business Concept Interior
Exterior Design

To establish their design direction, PATAC designers took the global Buick design vocabulary of sculptural and dynamic forms established by the Riviera concept car and extended it to a tall, one-box architecture.
Buick Business Concept Design Sketch Buick Business Concept Design Sketch
The Business Concept Vehicle develops the Buick form language further and incorporates elements of Chinese culture and artistic influences into the details.

Buick Business Concept Grille Design SketchThe famous Buick waterfall grille takes on a bolder treatment. Intricate detailing gives it an even more prominent look.

The backlit Buick tri-shield logo leads into the distinctive mid-hood crease prevalent in classic Buicks and consistent across the new Buick line today.

The prominent LED headlamps show influences of popular Chinese liuli glass through three-dimensional transparent and multifaceted surfaces.

Liuli is a Chinese crystal sculpture art form that incorporates cultural and modern references. It has become a popular symbol of modern Chinese prosperity.
Buick Business Concept Headlights Design Sketch Buick Business Concept Headlamp
The elongated, jewel-like headlamps are connected to the body shoulder line through a strong chrome accent that flows the length of the vehicle from the hood to the body sides, accentuating a strong double sweep spear design until it finally comes to rest wrapped around the taillights.

Buick Business ConceptThis is the most distinctive design element of the Business Concept Vehicle, as it offers a modern approach to the classic Buick double sweep spear.

Familiar Buick portholes are integrated into the chrome strip extending from the headlamps.

This distinctive double sweep spear shape not only provides expressive dynamism to the vehicle profile, it is also functionally important.

It defines the window line from the body sides and incorporates the rail guides for the power sliding doors. Additionally, it lowers the rear passenger sightline and adds significant shoulder room to the rear compartment.

Buick Business Concept“This vehicle was inspired by the grace and gesture of great Buicks. PATAC designers have cleverly incorporated other design cues from traditional Chinese art, such as applying a huiwen motif on the turn signals and fog lamps,” Cao Min said.

The Zitan Purple exterior color was chosen to elicit the right level of attention and respect.

The color is found in rare zitan wood used for sculptures and fine Chinese furniture. This deep burnt-purple color perfectly highlights the concept’s grandeur.

Power sliding doors with no B-pillar were selected for their ability to showcase an expansive view of the interior and ease of entrance and egress.

The Business Concept Vehicle sits on 20-inch, 9-spoke forged aluminum wheels, with a polished mirror finish, and low-profile tires. The outside mirrors incorporate turn signals with the huiwen motif.

Buick Business Concept Interior Design SketchSerenity and advanced functionality come to mind when entering the vehicle.

The use of deep burgundy suede and subtle creams, representing earth and wood themes, are conveyed through high-quality leather bucket seats, plush vehicle carpet and a luxurious padded steering wheel.

Completing the tranquil feel is a roof comprised of two full-length sunroofs that offer a celestial connection for occupants.

“Through deep burgundy suede carpet, high-quality leather interior decoration with liuli and soft, ice blue ambient lighting, we wanted to create a mobile VIP lounge for passengers,” Cao Min said.
Buick Business Concept Interior Design Sketch Buick Business Concept Interior Design Sketch

Buick Business Concept InteriorInterior trim and features befitting Buick prestige abound such as a power central console with a deployable tablet for writing or to hold a laptop computer.

The console can be moved up and down the two rows of rear seats.

The second row of power captain’s chairs slide on hidden rails and swivel 225 degrees, enabling them to be adjusted to an infinite combination of orientations.

Traditional huiwen patterns are embroidered onto the seats and seat backs, bringing harmony to the entire design theme.

The three-dimensional instrument cluster reaches across the entire width of the front panel and features a multi-layer information display.

Buick Business Concept Interior Design SketchThe instrument cluster design reflects the liuli art influence but is utterly modern in design.

It is complemented by a central console with touch pad controls on either side of a cylinder-shaped roller mouse. A large LED display crowns the central console.

Once again, the huiwen motif shows up as details on the wings of the instrument panel.

The OnStar security telematics feature is easily accessible on the rearview mirror, with three prominently yet tastefully displayed call buttons.

Buick Business Concept Interior
Buick Business Concept Interior

“The design of the vehicle inherits Buick’s vision for business class on the road, creating a sense that space means possibility,” Cao Min said.
GM Hybrid System
PATAC designed the Buick Business Concept Vehicle to accommodate the next-generation GM Hybrid System, which will be introduced in China in the near future.

Buick Business Concept Engine Design SketchThe next-generation GM Hybrid System will build upon the successful belt-alternator-starter hybrid technology currently available in the Buick LaCrosse Eco-Hybrid.

An advanced lithium-ion battery will help make the next-generation GM Hybrid System more powerful than the current system, improving fuel economy of vehicles with this system by up to 20 percent, depending on engine and vehicle application.

The next-generation GM Hybrid System helps optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions by turning the engine off at idle, offering brief electric-only propulsion, using a more powerful electric motor to enhance engine efficiency, extending fuel cutoff during deceleration, extending regenerative braking to recapture more energy and performing intelligent hybrid battery charging.

“Developing and launching the Business Concept Vehicle in China underscores the diversity, strength and depth of GM’s global design network,” Welburn said. “It also reflects PATAC’s growing role within the GM design family and China’s significance as the world’s largest Buick market.”
Buick Business Concept Buick Business Concept Buick Business Concept

The Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center Co., Ltd. (PATAC), founded on June 12,1997, is the first Sino-foreign automotive engineering and design joint venture between General Motors and SAIC in China.
Buick Business Concept Buick Business Concept

Since its establishment 12 years ago, with the vision of becoming a domestically leading automotive design and development company, PATAC has combined GM’s advanced technology and management with SAIC’s insight and experience in the China market.
Buick Business Concept Car Specifications
Buick Business ConceptExterior Dimensions

* Wheelbase (mm): 3,198
* Length (mm): 5,278
* Width without mirror (mm): 1,985
* Height (mm): 1,809
* Curb weight (kg): 1,903
* Front track (mm): 1,665
* Rear track (mm): 1,655
* Wheels: 20-inch alloy wheels, P275/40 R20 tires

Powertrain and Chassis

* Engine type: 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with Spark-Ignition, Direct Injection (SIDI)
* Transmission type: 6-speed automatic transmission with hybrid auxiliary pump
* Drive type: Front-wheel drive
* Range (km): >700
* Front suspension: Independent, MacPherson suspension
* Rear suspension: Semi-independent, open-section twist axle suspension
* Electrical power steering system: Electric power-assisted rack-and-pinion

Performance (Projected)

* 0-100 km/h (sec): 12.9
* Top speed (kph): 190

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