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Dream Airways -- Emirates

Emirates Airline (shortened form: Emirates) is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). In 2008 the airline was the eighth-largest airline in the world in terms of international passengers carried, and fifth-largest in the world in terms of scheduled international passenger-kilometres flown. It is also the ninth-largest in terms of scheduled freight tonne-kilometres flown (eighth in scheduled international freight tonne-kilometres flown). The airline ranks amongst the top 10 carriers worldwide in terms of revenue, and has become the largest airline in the Middle East in terms of revenue, fleet size, and passengers carried and is the eighth largest airline in Asia, in terms of passengers carried. The airline operates over 3,710 passenger flights per week, to over 100 destinations in 62 countries. Cargo activities are undertaken by the Emirates Group's Emirates SkyCargo division. Its main base is Dubai International Airport.[5] On 16 October 2008, Emirates moved all operations at Dubai International Airport to Terminal 3, a new terminal dedicated exclusively to Emirates. Terminal 3 is over 1,500,000 m2 (370 acres), the single largest terminal building in the world.
During the 2007/08 financial year, Emirates carried 21.2 million passengers. A total of 1.3 million tonnes of cargo was transported by Emirates Airline and Emirates SkyCargo, the freight subsidiary of The Emirates Group.
Emirates is one of only six airlines to operate an all wide-body aircraft fleet. Emirates will have 122 Boeing 777s in its fleet by 2011 making it the single largest aircraft type in fleet, and 58 Airbus A380s by 2012. The airline also hopes to have over 120 Airbus A350's in its fleet by 2016. The airline expects to have over 200 aircraft in its fleet by 2013. Experts suggest, that Emirates will have over 500 aircraft in their fleet by 2021.
Emirates became the second operator of the Airbus A380 when their first aircraft was delivered on 28 July 2008. It is now in operation on the Dubai-New York JFK, Dubai-London Heathrow, and Dubai-Sydney-Auckland routes.

The Emirates A380 promises customers in all classes a whole new travel experience*. Designed to transport passengers on long-haul journeys in unmatched comfort, the Emirates A380 boasts First Class Shower Spas, a spacious Onboard Lounge, and our award-winning ice inflight entertainment system offering over 1,000 channels of movies, music and games on-demand in all classes.

Emirates A380 First Class

Flying First Class on the Emirates A380 opens up a new world of options.

For the first time in aviation history passenger indulge in an invigorating shower at 43,000 feet.
Located on the upper deck of the Emirates A380, in front of the First Class cabin are two exquisitely designed onboard Showers for First Class customers.

For the first time in aviation history you can indulge in an invigorating shower at 43,000 feet.
Located on the upper deck of the Emirates A380, in front of the First Class cabin are two exquisitely designed onboard Showers for our First Class customers. Arrive at your destination revitalised and refreshed.
Each suite in the A380 has a 23” television screen, allowing you to explore over 1000 on-demand video and audio channels of our award winning ice Digital Widescreen entertainment system.
The privacy divider separating the adjoining suites in the centre row can also be lowered, allowing you to share the experience with your travel companion.
Dine-on-demand meal service, allows you to order from our a la carte menu any time you desire.
n the First Class Social Area, located at the front of the upper deck of the Emirates A380, a unique water feature together with mood lighting creates a serene ambience.
Enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of your First Class Social Area for a quick refreshment and drink or join fellow passengers from Business Class in the exclusive Onboard Lounge located aft of the upper deck.

Emirates A380 Business Class

Experience new levels of comfort when you travel Business Class on the Emirates A380.
Using your touch-screen wireless seat controller to adjust your seat and to select channels on demand, you can tailor the entire experience to suit your own preferences.

Stretch your legs during the flight and take a walk to the spacious Lounge on board the Emirates A380. Read a newspaper, listen to music, use your laptop, or simply enjoy the view from the aircraft’s external cameras.
A variety of drinks and hot and cold beverages are available throughout your flight. Our Lounge attendant is available at all times to assist customers with their requests, ensuring that your time in the First and Business Class Lounge is a tasteful and enjoyable experience.

Emirates A380 Economy Class

Adjustable headrests, more space and a sliding base allowing deeper seat recline, means more comfort for our Economy Class passengers on the Emirates A380.
Of course, our award-winning, multilingual cabin crew from over 100 nations is on hand to provide everything you need throughout the flight.

With more choice than ever before, the new generation Economy Class seats on the Emirates A380 feature over 1000 channels of on-demand ice movies, audio and TV on a 10.6" Digital widescreen.
Every seat has its own laptop power supply and USB connection, allowing you to view videos and pictures from your laptops or portable devices.

Emirates A380 Environmental Facts
The Emirates A380 burns up to 20% less fuel per seat than today’s largest aircraft
This is the most significant advancement in reducing fuel burn and emissions in four decades
Low fuel burn means lower C02 emissions. The Emirates A380 produces less than 75g of C02 per passenger kilometre, almost half of the European target for cars manufactured in 2008
Emirates A380s will progressively feature digital inflight magazines, entertainment guides and shopping catalogues, saving 2kg per seat or almost one tonne per aircraft
Emirates A380s, which offers more space per passenger in all classes, will also meet ICAO’s gaseous emissions standards by a substantial margin
We will comfortably meet current Stage Three and proposed Stage Four noise level standards
Our new Emirates A380 maintenance facilities in Dubai are state of the art, efficient buildings
A380s feature lightweight materials that account for 25% of its structure
Our emissions components – such as NOx – will be well under the regulated ‘cap four’ rule
Emirates is working with Airbus to further reduce weight of our future A380s
Larger aircraft mean less takeoff and landings (in passenger terms, some Emirates A380 versions would be the equivalent of flying up to seven smaller aircraft types)
Emirates average fleet age is less than half that of many European airlines, meaning newer technology and efficiency breakthroughs characterise our aircraft.

Aircraft Specification

Passenger capacity 3 class - 489 Ultra Long Range & 517 Long Range
2 class - 600 Medium Range
Wingspan 261 ft 8 in / 79.8 m
Length 238 ft 6 in / 72.7 m
Height 79 ft 7 in /24.1 m
Cabin width 21 ft 7 in / 6.58 m Main Deck & 19 ft 5 in / 5.92 m Upper Deck
Engines GP7000
Thrust 70,000 lbs
Maximum range 8,000 nautical miles / 15,000 km
Cruising speed (Mach) 0.85
Cruising altitude 43,100 ft

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