Friday, January 2, 2009

Strange Dream...continued

After crossing the flowing stream what I saw, even I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right in front of me was an elephant of the size of my palm. Small and white in color. It was so beautiful that one can’t express it with words.
It ran across among the bushes and plants, I ran after it but couldn’t find it. Finally exhausted I sat down, with no hopes of seeing it ever again. Suddenly there was a movement inside the bushes which was just opposite to the tree beneath, I was resting.

To my utter amazement the little elephant emerged and walked down to me. Then it looked to me meekly and questioned from where did I come?
Well it could talk, so it was another shock, but it was a dream rite!
So after talking I came to know that it’s called by the name of Ario and was lost while playing with his friends. Later that day we started searching a way out of the forest, but on our way back we had to cross the Stream again. The stream of Struckfield, as it is called didn’t have a smooth crossing bridge. It was all tattered, broken and people had to take great care while crossing it. When we were crossing it suddenly Ario shouted, I looked back and down. I didn’t know what to do as Ario was falling……..

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