Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dream Journey :-World's highest railway links Tibet to rest of China

The first trains were flagged onto the Qinghai-Tibet Railway line, the world's highest railway line connecting the Tibetan capital Lhasa with Golmud in Qinghai, China. At its highest point in the Tanggula Pass, the railway line reaches an altitude of 5072 metres.

The line is designed for travel at speeds of 100 km/h on frozen ground to 120 km/h on non-frozen ground. The cabins are supplied with oxygen because of the thin air at the high altitudes. The windows have ultra-violet filters to keep out the sun's glare. Cooling pipes have been used to ensure the ground remains frozen.

Air trips to Tibet are expensive and road trips slow and dangerous. Three trains, each carrying 900 passengers are scheduled to run daily along the line. The basic tickets cost 389 yuan to go from Beijing to Lhasa. The trip should take just under 48 hours.

About the video:-

The Haier Brothers waste no time to make their idea a reality. They cross China on the highest train in the world to reach Lhasa, Tibet. Their ultimate aim is Mt. Everest.

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