Friday, December 26, 2008

Strange Dream...

Dreams don’t seem to have any boundaries they are boundless free birds flying to seek a form of expression. May be that’s why we dream, though there’s a scientific explanation behind everything there are still many things that can’t be explained.
It is true that our dreams depend on our mood, they differ with what we feel at that very moment. There are still dreams where people end up foreseeing their own or other’s future, then there are those which tells about past, those which signify dangers , others seeking answers to their never-ending quest called life.
So today I want to share my first dream with all the people out there. My dreams mostly consist of creatures which according to this world and my parents doesn’t exist. But according to me it does, just because we can’t see them, we can’t deny their existence.
It happened one night when I was looking outside my window, gazing at the stars and fell asleep.
That very night I dreamt that I was lost in a wood. The woods were quite thick and the sunrays on the falling stream looked awesome. But it was strange that in this beautiful wood there wasn’t a single soul. After walking for half ah hour I came across a beautiful flower upon which sat a beautiful butterfly. The falling sunrays on dew droplets were like chiseled diamonds. Suddenly I saw a white elephant pass by, which was of the size of a hand palm.

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